Empowering Community Collaboration

The Center for Collaborative Care’s mission is to give everyone the opportunity to thrive.

We connect providers and clients through sector development, deep relationships, and innovative technology to empower our community toward full collaboration.

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A Community in Coordination

     A connected & growing community establishes a sustainable pattern of flourishing. When it all works together to coordinate efforts, a higher rate of thriving is returned. Want to know more, ask us! 

Provider Collaborations

Overwhelming need and a lack of efficient communication methods have put providers in survival mode.

National research as well as the Join the Solution data suggests that human service providers feel fragmented. Due to overwhelming need and inefficient communication methods, many providers have found themselves in survival mode. Most report being at capacity and constantly dealing with funding, staffing, and resource shortages.

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Community Liaisons

Someone who knows the landscape, has the connections — ready to advocate & make an impact.

Every now and then we all need someone: a guide, a mentor, a facilitator, to help us navigate a challenging path. We need someone who knows the landscape, has the connections, and/or the ability to advocate for our needs.

Utilizing community liaisons will decrease the time it takes for people to connect with needed human services in Northwest Arkansas. Additionally, their presence throughout the community will help human service organizations and schools efficiently refer people into the needed human service offering.

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Technology Platform

The Help Desk for Human Services, designed to seamlessly connect individuals and providers.


Our cloud-based technology platform has been designed to seamlessly connect individuals and providers in a HIPAA and FERPA compliant environment. Through HARK individuals and families can build Care Teams allowing providers, case managers, educators, etc. to coordinate care with them or advocate on their behalf.


HARKnwa.com is a user-friendly platform that empowers individuals to take ownership of their care community.

Build your profile

Individuals simply create their profile, identify their care areas and personal goals, and start building their community.

Personalized Care Teams

User-created Care Teams allow providers to communicate efficiently, share information, and develop a care plan with measurable goals.

Find services that meet your needs

Personalized search results for services based on their specific information (i.e. insurance, income level, need, etc.)

Complete referral paperwork online

Individuals can view and manage their personal information directly in their profile to easily complete referral paperwork.

Providers — mentors, volunteers, staff, and organizations can build profiles on the same platform.

Connect with individuals and families

The Care Team communication boards allow for individual or group communication as well as the sharing of information such as files and documents in a HIPAA, COPPA, and FERPA compliant environment.

Increased visibility of your services

The HARK platform makes your services visible and accessible to individuals across Northwest Arkansas.

Compatible Case Management Software

Utilize our free case management software for your services or organization for a seamless and organized experience. Access a real-time dashboard providing you and/or your organization with immediate data.

Efficient communication & collaboration

Seamlessly manage cases with other members in Care Teams and around your community.

A connected community that empowers individuals & providers to thrive.

Referrals are not dropped.
Communication breakdowns are eliminated.
Care plans are coordinated.

Our HARK software is the first of its kind. Bridging the complex nature of coordinated care and segmented human service systems, HARK empowers individuals to take care plans into their own hands while simplifying communication and referrals for Providers. All from one user-friendly screen.  

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The Center for Collaborative Care was developed in response to findings from the Join the Solution research project in 2015 facilitated by Mercy NWA. Click here to learn more.

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Collected Over
Quantitative surveys

Qualitative Interviews
& focus groups


Evaluating the climate of human services in Northwest Arkansas

Over 3,000 quantitative surveys and 348 qualitative interviews and focus groups were conducted with teachers, parents, human service providers, and individuals in Northwest Arkansas evaluating the climate of mental health, physical health, and basic needs services being offered to children and families.



Human Services in Northwest Arkansas are program-rich and systems-poor

We discovered that providers from mental health to housing to dental to education are faced with overwhelming community needs and searching for a better way to collaborate.



Provide organizational support & build connectivity

Develop platform to facilitate organizational support, build connectivity, and provide data and information.

Empowering individuals to take control of their own care plan.

Navigating life without an ally is overwhelming. HARK at the Center for Collaborative Care, is your help desk for human services.

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