Thank you, NWA for a successful Coordinate NWA Summit! Be on the lookout for details for 2019!


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About the Event

Our HARK team is excited to build on the momentum from the 2018 Health and Human Services SummitCoordinate NWA! Over 400 Providers from across the nation were in attendance, representing over 350 unique Organizations. 

Coordinate NWA featured keynote speaker, Paul Schmitz, with the Collective Impact Forum as well as multiple 12-minute content presenters from across our state. Additionally, the Summit provided the community with key updates about the direction of HARK at the Center for Collaborative Care, a community-wide data report, and a technology update.

Keynote Speaker

Did you miss the Coordinate NWA Summit?

No worries, HARK has numerous events throughout the year. Check out our Training & Events page today!

By far one of Coordinate NWA's most impactful sessions, were the 12-minute, no fluff, straight to the point HARK talks delivered by these incredible content experts!

Check back soon for us to post the incredible 12-minute HARK Talks!

A Day of Coordination

Northwest Arkansas health and human services providers are gathering regularly to discuss how they can help their clients find better results. Providers are ready to coordinate care in an unprecedented way.  Join the movement!

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