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Meet the Team

Executive Director

Josh Hall, LCSW

Josh leads the Hark program as it connects individuals and families to resources and support offered by local health and human services providers. His role is to guide, train, and support the team in making the most direct community connections in order to effectively and efficiently move individuals in the direction of thriving through empowerment and self-determination.  Josh received his Bachelors Degree in social work from the University of Oklahoma and his Master’s Degree in social work from the University of Arkansas. During his career in human services, Josh has gained extensive experience in a multitude of social work practice areas including clinical services, program development, curriculum development, clinical supervision, poverty, multicultural issues, community development, and social justice advocacy. Josh is an active volunteer in the community, focusing on mentoring and social justice. 


He is also husband to his wife, Melissa, and father to his two sons, Luke and Josiah.


DIrector of Community Liaisons

Sara Allbright, LCSW

To develop and support Community Liaisons as they facilitate coordinated care and promote progression towards individuals thriving.

Sara provides supervision and support to our Community Liaisons and leads HARK’s coordinated care efforts.  Sara received her Bachelor’s Degree in family and human services from John Brown University and a Master’s Degree in social work from the University of Arkansas.  Prior to her time at HARK, Sara’s postgraduate professional focus was in mental health services with a special emphasis on trauma therapy practices as well as serving as a clinical supervisor for the NWA region.  Sara has also worked in various settings including primary care clinics, outpatient and inpatient mental health agencies, and various non-profit organizations. Sara’s extensive human services experience informs and guides the ongoing development of Community Liaisons and drives her passion to see all people have the opportunity to thrive.  Sara also serves as a lecturer for the University of Arkansas School of Social Work and provides supervision for social work licensure.

Sara and her husband both came to NWA for their undergraduate degrees and have since called it home.  They can be found spending most nights walking their dog, watching their favorite sports teams, or preparing for their first son who will be arriving this fall.

Director of Technology Development

Christy Gutierrez

Christy's role is to specifically meet the unique needs of the community by surveying and assessing individual clients concerns and working to suffice them by collaborating with providers in the community

Director of Community Resources

Shawntill Puryear

Shawntill leads and owns all efforts to enhance the current provider network by developing and maintaining one of NWA’s most comprehensive databases of community resources found in Hark. She has strong provider relationships throughout our community and proactively identifies resources in order to create client connection to the most helpful services possible.

Lead Community Liaison

Alyssa Goddu, LMSW

A California native, Alyssa has grown to call Northwest Arkansas home. She is honored to play a part in creating change at the systemic, community, and individual levels through her role at HARK. Alyssa has her Bachelor’s of Science from John Brown University and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Arkansas. Her experience in social services includes working with children and youth in foster care, school-based mental health, and the veteran community. Alyssa is passionate about working towards a more inclusive, just, and equitable future for this region. 

Lead Community Liaison

Taryn Maddocks

Taryn is honored to have the role of walking alongside, empowering, and supporting the incredible individuals and families of Rogers as they navigate resources. She believes true change occurs through the collaboration of the community. Taryn has called Rogers home since 1999 and is thankful for the opportunity to serve the community she loves.

Community Liaison

Abbey Barr

Abbey grew up in Northwest Arkansas and was happy to return home after graduating from Oklahoma State University. She is honored to have a part in helping NWA individuals and families be the best they can be. Abbey loves that as a community liaison she is able to point clients in the direction of resources that have the potential to positively impact their lives.
Community Liaison

Alicia Suarez

Alicia has grown up in Northwest Arkansas most of her life and is excited to play a role in aiding individuals in the area. She is grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community that has been so welcoming to her and looks forward to empowering individuals in all walks of life. She believes that through connecting individuals to opportunities and resources, the Northwest Arkansas community can grow and thrive.

Alicia ha crecido en el noroeste de Arkansas la mayor parte de su vida y está emocionada de estar en una posición donde pueda ayudar a las personas del área. Ella está agradecida por la oportunidad de contribuir a la comunidad que ha sido tan acogedora con ella y espera poder apoderar a las personas en todas las temporadas de vida. Ella cree que al conectar a las personas con oportunidades y recursos, la comunidad del noroeste de Arkansas puede crecer y prosperar.
Community Liaison

Christina Capelle

Christina's role is to walk alongside individuals in the community who desire to e more connected to resources. She functions as an advocate and teammate for people seeking support to access service. She is passionate about empowering people toward growth.

Community Liaison

Joe Collura

Joe has lived in Northwest Arkansas the majority of his life and loves it! Joe is passionate about building healthy communities and knows we all need someone to walk with us who sees our full potential and speaks into that it is lived out. Joe believes that this happens through a connected community of people willing to stand with each other until everyone is thriving. He sees his role as a Community Liaison as an opportunity to invest in a stronger community, advocate for those in need, understand and approach gaps in resources with creativity, and serve the community he loves.
Community Liaison

Laura Gutierrez

Laura is originally from Panama and grew up in Northwest Arkansas. She is committed to fighting for those who are vulnerable in order to create a better community. She works to empower individuals by connecting them to the available resources in the area. She values the experiences of every individual and seeks to dignify and empower each person. 

Laura nació en Panamá y creció en el Noreste de Arkansas. Ella está dedicada a luchar por las personas que son vulnerables para crear una mejor comunidad. Ella busca la manera de empoderar a las personas, conectándolas a los recursos disponibles en el área. Ella valora las experiencias de cada individuo y busca empoderar a la comunidad. 

Community Liaison

Madison Edwards

Madison is from the Northwest Arkansas area. After graduating from the University of Arkansas with an undergraduate degree in Social Work, all while competing on the Razorback swim team, she decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the U of A as well. Madison began her professional career working with older adults and developed a passion for meeting clients where they are at and assisting them in navigating through the resources put before them. She has since joined the team to be a part of the role in client empowerment, while encouraging collaboration in the community. 

Tanya Deasis

Tanya’s role is to be the bridge between individuals and the resources available in NWA. She believes that by helping people, our whole community can be better. She is especially passionate about advocating for those who don’t have a voice in our community and will fight for them to have an equal opportunity.

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