"Our goal is to ensure that all residents of NWA are mentally, physically, and economically healthy, as well as safe and socially stable — We believe the Center for Collaborative Care will ensure better outcomes for people, families, and communities."

Anita Scism, President, CEO the Endeavor Foundation

Meet the Team

Executive Director

Nick Ogle, PhD, LPC

Since the start of the Center for Collaborative Care, Nick has served as the architect and lead advocate for the project. Each day he is tasked with empowering the team, developing community relationships, and maintaining the vision and culture of the project. 

Nick is currently the Director of Mental/Behavioral Health at Mercy NWA. Mercy is the founding sponsor for the Center for Collaborative Care. 


Executive Assistant

Kelsey Rea

To build a united community that supports and encourages people to live their lives to the fullest.


Kelsey’s role is to provide administrative and organizational support to the staff as they engage our community. Passionate about seeing systemic change occur in Northwest Arkansas, Kelsey is thrilled to see a shift occur through collaboration for organizations and increased access to services for individuals.

Director of Statistics & Analytics

Cari Bogulski, PhD

Cari’s role is to learn more about our community through data visualization and statistical models. Working with individual providers, specific areas of human services, and the community as a whole, her expertise is in using data to benefit Northwest Arkansas so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Director of Technology

Ali Johnson

Leveraging connected technology to empower individuals to thrive.


Ali oversees the technical strategy of HARK and is devoted to providing a holistic online platform that empowers both individual and provider users to connect to resources in Northwest Arkansas.  After graduating from the University of Arkansas and being a 4-year letter winner of the Razorback soccer team, Ali began her professional career with J.B. Hunt Transportation. There she gained pivotal experiences across multiple facets of the Fortune 500 company, ranging from operations to national account sales. After JBHT, her operations and sales background carried her to a technology company in Fayetteville, AR, Field Agent. At Field Agent, Ali oversaw the build of one of the company’s first daughter applications, ClassCheck, focusing on leveraging location-specific technology that empowered its users to attend class. Her role building ClassCheck was invaluable upon starting with HARK at the Center for Collaborative Care where her passion for Northwest Arkansas and vocation are able to collide.


A native of NWA, Ali and her husband Justin love hanging out with their two kiddos, playing any type of pickup sport, and embracing community wherever they are.

Director of Community Liaisons

Josh Hall, LCSW

To effectively and efficiently create coordinated pathways of service provision and community connection that result in individuals and communities thriving.

Josh leads our team of Community Liaisons as they connect individuals and families to resources and support offered by local health and human services providers. His role is to guide, train, and support the Liaisons in making the most direct community connections in order to effectively and efficiently move individuals in the direction of thriving through empowerment and self-determination.  Josh received his Bachelors Degree in social work from the University of Oklahoma and his Master’s Degree in social work from the University of Arkansas. During his career in human services, Josh has gained extensive experience in a multitude of social work practice areas including clinical services, program development, curriculum development, clinical supervision, poverty, multicultural issues, community development, and social justice advocacy. His extensive human services experience informs and guides the ongoing development of Community Liaisons and drives his passion to see all people have the opportunity to thrive. Josh is an active volunteer in the community, focusing on mentoring and social justice. 


He is also husband to his wife, Melissa, and father two his two sons, Luke and Josiah.


Community Liaison - Fayetteville

Courtney Burnett, LMSW

Courtney sees her role as an opportunity to empower individuals in Northwest Arkansas as they access and utilize resources in their community. She appreciates the unique stories and circumstances of each person, and recognizes the strengths in every individual she assists. As a long time resident of Northwest Arkansas, she cares deeply for this community and the people who live and work here. 

Community Liaison - Housing

Kristen Schatzman, LMSW

Kristen's role is to help people navigate a complex health and human services system. She is passionate about seeing her community work together to accomplish lasting change in the lives of individuals and the community as a whole. 

Community Liaison - Springdale

Christina Capelle

Christina's role is to walk alongside individuals in the community who desire to e more connected to resources. She functions as an advocate and teammate for people seeking support to access service. She is passionate about empowering people toward growth.

Community Liaison - Springdale

Rumina Lakmis

Rumina's role is to walk alongside individual’s in the community who desire to be more connected to resources. She functions as an advocate and teammate for people seeking support to access services. She is passionate about empowering people towards growth. 

Community Liaison - Rogers

Bonnie Mitchell

Bonnie's role is to connect individuals and families in Rogers to resources in the community as well as assist in coordinating care with other providers so that they can thrive. Bonnie calls Rogers home and is humbled to be a part of systemic change in the community.

Community Liaison - Rogers

Tanya Deasis

Tanya’s role is to be the bridge between individuals and the resources available in NWA. She believes that by helping people, our whole community can be better. She is especially passionate about advocating for those who don’t have a voice in our community and will fight for them to have an equal opportunity.

Community Liaison - Bentonville

Christy Gutierrez

Christy's role is to specifically meet the unique needs of the community by surveying and assessing individual clients concerns and working to suffice them by collaborating with providers in the community

Community Liaison - Siloam Springs

Savannah Zumbro

Savannah is passionate about walking alongside clients as they navigate through health and human services. She is passionate about mentorship and building relationship with others. She appreciates the thirst that Northwest Arkansas has for connectedness and views her role as an opportunity to foster those connections.

Community Liaison - Benton County Safe Babies Court Team

Patricia Rodriguez

Patricia sees her role with HARK as a privilege and feels honored to work side by side with her neighbors when they are presented with challenges that are difficult to navigate alone. With a wealth of resources and willing people in NWA she hopes to be a catalyst for collaborative care and hopes to empower families and individuals to create a stronger and thriving NWA.

Community Liaison - Rogers

Tim Clark

Tim is grateful for his opportunity to serve NWA as a Community Liaison at HARK. His role is to cultivate connection through interaction with clients and providers. He is passionate about enhancing collaboration and coordination in the efforts of bringing about systemic change.

Community Liaison - Springdale

Paulina Guzman

Paulina’s role is to serve individuals and families in Springdale by assisting them in the process of getting connected to resources in the community. Paulina is passionate about empowering and advocating for individuals and families who are in need. Paulina is originally from Honduras but has called Northwest Arkansas her home since 2011. She views her role with HARK as an opportunity to serve others and help them thrive.

Community Liaison - Fayetteville

Dani Glenn

Dani is excited to walk alongside individuals in NWA and help connect them to valuable resources. She strives to be a mentor and leader in this community and cultivate connection with those she encounters. Specifically, Dani is passionate about making the Disability system easier to navigate and more useful to the families in our area. Dani has her Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Arkansas, and for the past year, she has worked with Arkansas PROMISE connecting youth with disabilities to resources. Dani will be continuing this effort as they make the transition to HARK as well as working with those in our community.

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